Legislative Update

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2019 Session is underway.

We have been watching a few bills.  

  • SB1070 – revise the procedure for judgement by confession – passed House 65/0.  First read in Senate Judiciary.
  • SB1076 – Revise certain real estate licensee advertising restrictions – passed House 58/9.  First read in Senate Taxation.  Does not affect residentail rental or multi family.
  • HB27 – Repeal the annual license fee for coin operated washers and dryers – deferred to 41st Day
  • HB99 – Establish certain provisions regarding commercials security deposits – passed Senate 34/0.  Was in Commerce & Energy.  Does not affect residential rentals, only commercial rentals
  • HB1163 - establish the Tax Revenue Study Task Force to study tax revenue in this state. – Deferred to 41st Day.  This would have been good for our entire state to look at all the areas of taxation, but mainly real estate taxes.

In 2018, we were successful in getting SB119 passed through both houses and across the Governor's desk. 

Effective July 1, 2018 all verifications for Service/Companion animals shall come from a "medical provider that is within the State of South Dakota".  Click here to read.

Please keep in mind that you must follow Fair Housing Laws, but the verification, per state law, needs to come from within South Dakota.

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