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Legislative Update

We are working for YOU!

2020 Session is underway.

We worked diligently to produce a bill to streamline the eviction process in South Dakota.  HB1067 passed the House with only 3 nay votes, then onto the Senate where we had 5 nay votes.  We did have an amendment on the Senate side, so went back to the House, where we had 1 nay vote.  We are now waiting for the Governor to sign it.  

HB1067 is a HUGE win for residential rental property owners and management companies in South Dakota.  The changes will reduce expenses to properties and to the residents.

Other bills we have been watching that will impact our industry:

  • HB1123: Revise provisions regarding termination of a lease by a victim of alleged domestic abuse: To Governor
  • HB1246: Revise the attorney's fees allowed in a retaliation action against a lessor.  To Governor
  • SB176:  Provide for the seizure and holding of real property as evidence.  To Governor

In 2018, our legislation brought about new laws that pertained to Service/Companion/Emotional Support Animal Verification.  Specifically it states that all verifications for Service/Companion animals shall come from a "medical provider that is within the State of South Dakota".  .

Please keep in mind that you must follow Fair Housing Laws, but the verification, per state law, needs to come from within South Dakota.

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