Resident Screening

  • Equifax or TransUnion credit file, credit score, credit summary, alias name identification, address history,

  • SSN validation, Identity Scan,

  • Rental Report Card database search, national housing court database search, 

  • Negotium Collections database search(Our sister company that does collections),

  • SD and national database criminal search, 

  • OFAC, Report Card database search, database search,

  • Sex Offender database search.

SDMHA's trusted source for online resident screening, comprehensive credit reports and rental marketing. 

No additional fees, no contract, no on-site visit!

A TransUnion provider for comprehensive credit reports, plus nationwide eviction checks. Each potential renter pays a $40 application fee, verifies their identity, and submits their complete application file securely online. 

Members obtain all data and documents in one spot while Intellirent's technology continues to help you verify rental history and employment. Need help finding potential renters? No problem! Active Rental Marketing to quickly syndicate across multiple listing sites.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the short list of questions below. Additional detailed descriptions of your account features can be found in the Knowledge Base from the main navigation of your Intellirent dashboard.  Be sure to download the SDMHA Member Toolkit for a complete guide to our partnership and benefits.

Download the SDMHA Member Toolkit

No added fees, no site visit, no contract. All Intellirent features are free for members. Each adult applicant must pay a $40 fee per file before submitted. The $40 application fee paid by the potential renter is collected by Intellirent. GDAA members can utilize the screening and rental marketing, free!

Intellirent is for landlords, leasing agents, individual owners, property managers, & all other real estate professionals who need to send rental applications to potential tenants, and is easily accessible for members who are signed into their Association account through single sign on.

Intellirent helps you collect the completed application and conduct Tenancy + Employment verifications, while TransUnion verifies identity and returns Credit + Eviction reports. Members should review and complete Income + Pet verifications.

Reports are returned instantly upon completion of the application process, unless the applicant is required to contact TransUnion for a manual identity verification. In these rare instances, applicants are provided with next steps and reports are returned in 24-48 hours from when the applicant contacts TransUnion. 

Yes. When an application is submitted or the tenancy and employment verifications are completed, members will receive an email notification along with a secure link to log in to their account to review application data.

No, you can send applications without a property, too!

No! Rental marketing is free for you — and so are all the leads you’ll attract!

Over 70 different listing sites, and too many to list here! Intellirent is partnered with every major ILS helping you advertise vacancies with a single-click, providing you with more leads and faster rentals. To see a full list of sites, launch your Intellirent account, then navigate to your Settings, Marketing.

Once you've activated rental marketing, all communication from leads goes directly to you as the listing agent, and account owner of the published property. If the lead sends a message through a partner site, that message will go directly to your email account associated with your Intellirent account. 

No, editing your listing through Intellirent will automatically update your listing on each site.