History of SDMHA

The reason we are here

In 1969, City Housing Codes, Registration, Fees, and Inspection challenges spurred Sioux Falls rental owners to establish SDMHA!

John Sprecher, first President, along with other Charter Members Al Klaudt, Jerry Leesch, Jerry and Jim Collins, Luther Thomas, Marv Haffner, Floyd Mutchschelknaus, and Robert Jones, named this rental property organization Sioux Falls Rental Assoc. It was renamed Rental Owners Assoc. of Sioux Falls, Inc. in 1977, Rental Owners Assoc. of South Dakota, Inc. in 1978, and has been SDMHA since 1981.

Before 1969, informal coffee get-togethers found landlords discussing rental industry opportunities, concerns, and ideas. This networking proved to be a valuable "tool" that inspired the birth of a formal organization.

Currently, SDMHA has over 225 members that continue to network and find value in the educational programs provided at monthly meetings, in the educational classes implemented for licensed property managers and those in related industries, and in monitoring local, state, and national rental industry issues, taking an active role whenever necessary.

Equally important are the membership opportunities for businesses with industry-related supplies/products.