Legislative FAQs

Your assistance is appreciated.

But I already give to NAA LAF…

And you should! But remember that NAAPAC supports pro-apartment candidates at the federal level. SDMH LAF is a separate entity that makes sure the voice of the apartment industry is heard in the statehouses and city halls across South Dakota. Since legislation takes place at all levels of government, it is imperative that LAFs be supported at the federal, state and local levels.

But I already contributed to the candidate and party of my choice …

Great! You should contribute to them. But SDMH LAF gives you the opportunity to have a state wide impact on the election of candidates who will shape the legislation that affects business and the multifamily rental housing profession.

But why does SDMH LAF need me?

Because we are all in this together. By showing a unified front to the legislature and local governments we communicate strength and let them know that we, as an industry, have an impact on their jobs as well.

But I do not want my money to go to support a Democrat/Republican …

SDMH LAF is nonpartisan in who it supports. Party labels are not considered. The Board of Trustees considers a candidates relation to the industry and record on industry issues so we can get the best candidate for the future of our industry.