Marketing with Social Media

Posted By: Denise Hanzlik Industry,

Information from our June Membership meeting in Sioux Falls.

Marketing with Social Media

Presenter: Jodi Schwan of SiouxFalls.Business

Use content marketing to tell your story.  Use multiple avenues in your content markets:

  • Social Media
  • Web content
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Printed Materials/digital graphics

Facebook – 3 out of 4 people use it regularly in the Sioux Falls region

  • Has been increasingly limiting organic or “free” reach forcing you to pay to reach more people
  • Facebook preferences pages with posts that are liked/shared/commented on, so focus on that type of content
  • Visual posts tend to receive more likes and shares.
  • More like and shares and Facebook allows more people to see your posts
  • Content with people/pets/attractive pictures, will receive more attention
  • How often to post? No more than 1 time per day, maybe 3-4 times per week best.
  • Are you using as the “front door” of your property? Or for your residents?
  • If for residents – Group is better option. Residents may not see your posts, where in a Group they will see everything posted.

Instagram is platform that seems to be growing in our area. About 20 percent of people using regularly including a younger audience.

Linked In is more business and professional.

Twitter, in our area, is not as widely used as in other markets. About 20 percent use it regularly and largely to keep up on news.

Be sure to check out Jodi’s business news at www.SiouxFalls.Business