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Volunteers Needed

Posted By: Denise Hanzlik SDMHA Community ,

We have three General Member seats on the SDMHA Board of Directors that are up for the 2021-2022 term. The three current board members are all eligible for a 2nd term. According to our By-Laws, we search for new board members and then present all to our members for a vote.

To start this process, we are looking for volunteers to sit on a short term (couple of months) Nominating Committee.

This committee will search for candidates to serve on the SDMHA Board of Directors. Nominees will be presented to the Chair of SDMHA Board for approval.

Click HERE to view details on Nominating Committee.

Click HERE for Board of Directors Job Description.

Click HERE for Board of Directors application form.

Feel free to contact the SDMHA office if you have any questions.