NAA Five, for the Week Ending February 17th, 2023

Posted By: Denise Hanzlik Industry, SDMHA Resources,

The Big Picture: This week, the media largely focused on rent control developments across the country. Other notable stories covered the impacts of inflation

What We're Advocating

NAA Advocacy: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) referenced and quoted NAA in a Senate Banking Committee hearing last week. In response, NAA immediately posted a rebuttal on social media, scheduled a meeting with her office and filed a Letter to the Editor in the Washington Post clarifying the industry’s priorities and correcting common misconceptions. NAA staff met with her office this week and corrected some of the information shared by the Senator and clarified the industry’s position on affordability and housing policy – both sides committed to pursuing areas where we can work together to pursue the common goal of expanding housing affordability. 

Sen. Warren’s remarks are a direct result of NAA’s increased hill presence and growing advocacy and media efforts. Also as a result, Politico, a key D.C. publication, reported on NAA’s hiring of Invariant, a lobbying firm that will assist with regulatory issues. Increased exposure undoubtedly leads to increased criticism, but also opens more doors when harnessed correctly. 

Advocate: As the rental housing industry prepares to convene in Washington, D.C. March 28-29, NAA has outlined key priorities for Advocate. Read more

  • Oppose federal efforts to interfere into the landlord-tenant relationship and use carrots, not sticks, to increase rental affordability and housing choice for renters;  

  • Improve HUD’s HCV program to attract and better serve private sector rental housing providers;  

  • Incentivize local governments to lower barriers to development and increase the supply of rental housing; and  

  • End the CARES Act 30-day notice-to-vacate requirement for federally backed and federally assisted rental properties. 

What We're Saying

CARES Act Notice to Vacate: In a statement endorsing the Respect State Housing Laws Act, legislation that would end the federal CARES Act notice to vacate requirement, NAA President and CEO Bob Pinnegar emphasized that “unnecessary and duplicative federal intrusion into complex state and local law amplifies the financial and operational challenges housing providers of all sizes face. With ninety-one cents of each rent dollar paying the bills that keep rental housing operational, prolonged disturbances to standard operating procedures have major implications.”  

Deeper Dive: NAA worked alongside industry partners to secure the reintroduction of this critical legislation. Read more

What We're Doing

Apartmentcast: The latest episode of NAA’s podcast features a conversation with Vice President of Research Paula Munger on apartment market trends, inflation, the labor market, housing affordability and more. Listen now

Voice of the Property Manager: NAA’s latest special report, sponsored by MRI Software, is a must-read for anyone interested in the retention of property managers, providing an assessment of the profession across the industry. Read more.  

What We're Hearing

Rent Control: “A proposal from Mayor Michelle Wu's office would implement rent control in the City of Boston, protecting tenants from significant rent increases and unreasonable evictions. But city agencies say the proposal doesn't fix the real problem - the lack of housing in Boston.” (CBS News