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Housing Assistance Funds

Posted By: Denise Hanzlik SDMHA Community , Industry ,

The Joint Appropriations Committee met on Sept. 30th for more than 12 hours, listening to committee reports and public testimony on where to spread the remaining $1.25 billion that South Dakota was alloted of federal COVID-19 aid.

The Governor has already spent $185 million and has committed an additional $468 million. The remaining $1.25 billion needs to be spent or committed by December 30, 2020. Below are the recommended grant amounts:

Small businesses: $400 million

Housing assistance: $10 million (rental, mortgage & utility)

Non-Profits: $40 million

Start-up businesses: $10 million

Community-based health care and personal-services providers: $115 million

Acute care providers: $15 million

Workforce development and private nonaccredited education: $2 million

Destination marketing organizations: $5 million

These recommendations will be heard before the entire legislation in a special session, Monday Oct. 5th.

Representatives from SDMHA testified in various committee meetings as well as during the Sept. 30th Joint Appropriations meeting. We will continue to keep you informed.

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