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2020 Virtual Convention & Trade Show

Posted By: Denise Hanzlik SDMHA Community , Industry ,

We may not be together at this years State Convention and Trade Show. But it is still the best place to obtain education, learn, tour properties, meet new suppliers and vendors, and win prizes!

Wednesday, Oct 14th

1pm - 3pm

3pm – 5pm    Power of Culture: The Universal Commonality with Think3D - (2 Elective)

A culture exists in every business with more than one employee. We address the potential that lies in focusing on your organization's culture to maximize the potential of your team and the direct benefits for every individual to go all in on moving the culture forward. 

5pm – 6pm    Independent Rental Owner - How to Grow Your Portfoliio with Andrew Adam (1 Elective)

6pm              Virtual Tour of Greenway Apartments

Thursday, Oct 15th

10am – Noon Effective Communication | The P.O.W.E.R. Coaching Methodology with Think3D (2 Elective)

Miscommunication lies at the core of most issues in the workplace. We discuss the critical steps to improving communication at all levels of an organization in order to foster a more efficient and effective work culture founded in the ability to engage through our P.O.W.E.R. methodology. 

10am – Noon Implicit Bias with Kira Kimball of Marsh McLennan Agency (2 Required)

Unconscious bias operates in our brain at a very subtle level, below our awareness. Defined as ingrained habits of thought, remaining unchecked, unconscious bias can impact our behavior, perceptions, reasoning, decision making, and how we interact with and treat others. It can limit our opportunities as individuals and as businesses. Moreover, our unconscious bias can create false assumptions in our thinking about individuals we are trying to serve, work with or support.

This workshop will introduce participants to unconscious bias and help them to explore and identify their own unconscious biases and cognitive shortcuts. We all have them. There is no “right” or “wrong.” Unconscious bias is inherently human, but unconscious bias can also act as a barrier to our efforts when these shortcuts lead us to incorrect conclusions. If we can raise our self-awareness of our unconscious bias, then we can slow down or interrupt the bias to replace with different, more informed thinking.

 Noon – 1pm  One on One with Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken

1pm – 3pm    The Power of Team | Think Tank: Leaving with tangible action items with Think3D (2 Elective)

A group can accomplish what an individual cannot, even when it comes to personal advancement. We focus on the absolute importance of working collectively as a team, and how—in doing so—everyone benefits more, both the individual and the organization. In the Think Tank portion, we'll hone in on tangible action steps from key take-away items from the conference and how to effectively grow forward from them. 

1pm – 3pm    Fair Housing for vendors/suppliers/maintenance (2 Required)

3:30pm         Virtual Tour of 3rd Ave. Lofts

4:30pm - 5pm Learn to make 2 cocktails with Tom Slattery of JJ's

Friday, Oct. 16th

9am – 11am  Leasing and Marketing with the Apartment All Stars (2 Elective)

11am – 1pm  Fair Housing and Animals with Scott Michael Dunn (2 Required)

1pm              Virtual Tour of Glory House Apartments